Save on Printing Costs

No Leasing required!


Budget Toners have developed a new concept which you can employ to reduce your printing costs without tying yourself down to a contract of any kind.

We are offering ready-to-use printer packs which include a printer, spare set of toners and a box of quality 80g paper.

We can also supply customised packs, according to your printing needs! Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


For example:

Pack 1:

Pack 2:

Pack 3:


What is a Printer Drum?

Toner drum

The laser printer puts the toner on the roller called a photosensitive drum inside the drum unit, and then prints letters and images by fixing toner to the paper by heat and pressure. To keep good print quality, the printer normally detects the quality deterioration of the drum unit automatically.

We stock a large selection of drums and can order any model you may require.

Don’t hesitate to contact us.